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Everyone is invited to Eid-ul-Adha party on Sunday 21st November from
1:00 to 4:30 p.m. at Ridgeway Community Centre, Buckskin.

Free food, bouncy-castle for children, Islamic good stall and much, much more.

Please see Eid Party Flyer for details.

Video of Family Unity & Tolerance Event

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Featuring Jalal-ibn-Saeed speaking on the event arranged by BMWA on 18th July 2010

Eid Festival 2010 Photos

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BMWA is running + Eid Festival 2010!!!

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MashaAllah, the elections have been completed and we now have a new chairman, secretary and treasurer. We pray Allah swt blesses this cause and guides us all on the path that is from the Quran and Sunnah.
We plan to revamp this website, so if you are a web designer or know anyone willing to give us a helping hand in this noble cause, please contact us on
JazakAllahu Khair

AGM and Elections Announced

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Announcement Details

Basingstoke Muslim Welfare Association

Charity Number 288454

Dear Community members


The current trustees of BMWA would like to inform all members of Muslim community of Basingstoke that the BMWA revival process is entering into final stages.

In September 2009 we presented to you the new draft constitution for the Association. The public consultation process on the constitution is now complete and the feedback has been received and processed. After some necessary changes in the constitution it is now ready to be adopted as the basis of the revived organisation.

Next stage is to take steps towards electing the new Management Committee and trustees of the Association. The nominatins and elections process is specified in detail in the new constitution and accordingly the following important deadlines apply

Membership closing deadline

Sunday 14th of March

Nomination Papers sent to members by

Sunday 21st March

Nomination Papers receiving deadline

Sunday 04th of April

Elections and AGM

Sunday 11th of April

The copy of constitution and membership forms are also available on the BMWA website ( You can complete the membership application form online including paying the membership fees. Printed copies of the final draft of the constituiton will be made available in the general meeting.    

Inshallah with the help of Allah and your support we will be able to hold successful, transparent and fair elections.  Get involved and serve the community for the sake of Allah.


Your Brother Abu Lais
BMWA Election Commission

BMWA Revival Event

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Ahamdulillah the event on Sunday 4 October 2009 has been a great milestone for the steering committee. There was great turn around of members of public from various different nationalities and origins. Even with some technical issues with sunlight dimming down the projector slides and sometime noise from children running around, everybody seemed to listen attentively. The passionate question and answer session suggested how strongly people feel about the issues.

The entire power point slides presented are now available for download below.

Watch the presentations now:

History of BMWA

Overview of Constitution


The combined set of  presentations can be downloaded for watching offline:


Kindly send your feedback to the following email address:

BMWA Constitution (Draft) for public consultation

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In January 1998 the existing trustees started off the BMWA revival process by establishing a steering committee led by Br Shuaib as Chairman and Br Rehan as secretary. On of their task was to produce a revised version of the consitution. The old constitution was no longer fit for purpose as it was written before Albirr came to provide a mosque. The original aim of Islamic Society of Basingstoke to build a mosque was no longer applicable and the recent increase in the Muslims living in the area meant many other factors have taken more importance than originally anticipated.

It took a long time, but now the revised version of the constitution is made available for public consultation and can be downloaded by clicking the following icon:

You can also read the text of the constitution here:

BMWA Revivial and Eid Event Invitation

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After a long period of slumber BMWA is becoming active again... Come to join us:

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